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Become a member.  Our membership is only €44 per month.  We have no contract so no ties. Membership includes full use of the gym, a free induction to get you started, and all our classes are completely free with our membership

Join us now for only €44 per month.

Personal Training

Our 1 on 1 personal training is taylor made for you and you only. All we need to know is what your goals are and we can pair you up with a trainer that is bound to get you the results you desire. Alternatively if you don’t want to go it alone, why not buddy up, split the cost and settle the nerves while obtaining amazing results.


Now in all gyms, we are officially HYROX affiliated and deliver amazing HYROX classes to ensrue that if you are thinking of competing in an event, you will build yourself up to perform at your best on the day. With our amazing coaches at the helm, you will be sure to work hard and be ready to join our community as we compete together!

The Vault

Join us in our heated chamber classes, fully equipped with state of the art Concept machines and utilizing Polar heart rate monitors, we ensure that you are working hard and improving your aerobic and anerobic conditioning.  With a new program every single day, you will always find a new challenge in The Vault!

Why We are different

What makes us different to 99% of other gyms?

There are two different types of gyms in this country.
Big multi million euro gyms that pop up every second day and call themselves super gyms etc, and in many ways they are just that because they can offer 24 hour opening times and all for the price of a Chinese dinner. While these are great for a certain population there’s a huge number of average people who want guidance on how to just lose weight or get fit, which these gyms don’t suit. 

The reason for this is because they have little or no staff support to help you achieve your goals, and if they do it is generally out of obligation rather than a willingness or want to help.

Then you have smaller gyms which tend to be properly run with friendly staff who are being looked after in terms of payment, personal training etc. This gives the staff a boost and they are happy to work in that environment and have a willingness to help people achieve their goals.
However the problem with 99% of these gyms is that their price reflects this. You will most definitely pay approx. €70-€250 per month for that friendliness and knowledge you get from them.

Having worked in both types of gyms we decided when we were opening our gym last month, to be unique and do our very best to offer both. We have staff that have worked in the industry for years, have a great deal of knowledge of both nutrition and training, a willingness to help people themselves.

We only charge €44 per month or €399 yearly and are always on hand to go through things with you. You can always pop into the consultation room for a chat. We have a 10,000sq ft. gym with state of the art equipment and over 34 weekly classes with more being added each month in both of two our huge studios.

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